Royal New Year's Eve (2017) Movie Review Movie Review

Royal New Year's Eve (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jessy Schram and Sam Page in Royal New Year's Eve (2017)

Schram Falls for the Page Boy's Prince

Caitlyn (Jessy Schram - The Birthday Wish) is an aspiring fashion designer and assistant to Abigail (Cheryl Ladd - Though None Go with Me), a high-powered fashion magazine editor, who finds her world turned upside down as the magazine not only runs a New Year's Eve fashion show but also a New Year's Eve ball afterwards which she must help organize. But on top of that it is rumoured that Prince Jeffery (Sam Page - All Things Valentine) will propose to Lady Isabelle Collins (Hayley Sales - The Perfect Bride) at the ball and after seeing one of Caitlyn's designs Isabelle asks her to design a dress for her. Isabelle's decision to hire Caitlyn puts Abigail's nose out of joint leading to her trying to try and sabotage Caitlyn. On top of that Caitlyn finds herself being charmed by a guy who she thinks is a courier by day, waiter at night and an aspiring model, initially oblivious to the fact that the guy is Prince Jeffery.

Why is it in made for TV romantic comedies where we have a Prince from some European Royal family they sound completely ridiculous when they try to come across as well spoken. It is one of the first things you notice in the Hallmark movie "Royal New Year's Eve" as we meet Prince Jeffery, Lady Isabelle and of course the Prince's assistant with each of them sounding completely unnatural. I know it is done partly to be amusing but it ends up making "Royal New Year's Eve" a little too cheesy and ends up distracting you from the pleasant side of the movie.

Yes "Royal New Year's Eve" does have a pleasant side which sees Jessy Schram delivering plenty of niceness as Caitlyn, who as she spends time with Prince Jeffery ends up showing him the delights of her life from coffee in a coffee shop to burgers from a street vendor rather than duck confit. Of course this all plays out in an obvious manner, it is clearly obvious from the word go that the Prince does not really feel love for Lady Isabelle and is stiffer than a plank around her.

What this all boils down to is that "Royal New Year's Eve" is another pleasant romantic comedy from Hallmark which has a slightly different take on the whole "commoner" falls for a royal storyline which you tend to find in made for TV movies.