Romance on the Range (1942) Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Sally Payne, Linda Hayes Movie Review

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Roy Rogers in Romance on the Range (1942)

It's a Fur Fiend

When Roy and his men come across one of his men murdered on the ranch where he works foreman they go in search of his killers who Roy suspects is the same bunch of fur thieves who have been looting the traps. Things get all the more complicated as Roy has been managing the ranch for a solicitor ever since the original owner passed away but Joan Stuart (Linda Hayes), who inherited the ranch shows up in disguise with her maid Sally (Sally Payne) to see what is going on as she has seen the earnings from fur decline. As is often the case not only does Roy and Joan become close but he and his men end up in jail when they are duped by the brains behind the fur thieves and end up being accused of themselves being the fur thieves.

For almost every Roy Rogers western I have watched I can find a review where someone praises that particular western as being top notch and unsurprisingly the often mention how they loved it when they saw it as a child. And there is nothing wrong with that as I know there are movies from my childhood which if I went off of my memories I would say was great. But the thing is when you watch Roy Rogers' "Romance on the Range" now for the first time it kind of delivers what you might have scene in other westerns of the era to the point that if Roy and his men didn't mistakenly end up in jail it wouldn't have felt right.

The thing is that whilst "Romance on the Range" doesn't deliver anything out of the ordinary it does deliver what is expected in an entertaining manner. That means Roy gives us nice guy heroics, Gabby Hayes gives us plenty of comedy and Edward Pawley gives us scheming as Mr. Banning. There is of course some gentle flirtation combined with comedy as well as some music but as I said none of it stands out from the crowd.

What this all boils down to is that "Romance on the Range" has some nostalgic appeal to it thanks to the innocence of Roy Rogers westerns. But for me there is nothing here which makes it any better than any of his other westerns.