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Nicky Whelan in Romance at Reindeer Lodge (2017)

A Reindeer Christmas

Molly (Nicky Whelan) doesn't do Christmas and had planned to spend Christmas working until her boss decided to close down the offices for Christmas. Jared's (Josh Kelly) last relationship didn't work out well and so has decided to get away from the City for Christmas although he will still be working whilst away. They both find themselves on the same flight to Jamaica as Molly won a radio competition for a Christmas holiday except what Molly didn't realise is that it is Jamaica, Vermont and her vacation is at the Reindeer Lodge run by Chris (Robert Pine) and Penny (Beth Broderick) and where Jared is also staying. But Jared's stay at Reindeer Lodge is not without its ulterior motives as the beautiful place is under threat of foreclosure.

I need to start this review of "Romance at Reindeer Lodge" by saying I loved it, this had the look, the atmosphere, magic and traditions which I love in Christmas movies. But at the same time I have to say that for all the beautiful decorations and magical atmosphere this is unsurprisingly a Hallmark Christmas movie built on cliches. As such let me just list some of them; Molly doesn't do Christmas thanks to something from her past, Reindeer lodge is actually in financial difficulty despite being the most charming place you will ever see, picture perfect doesn't do this place credit. On top of that we have Jared who works for his father and is actually at the lodge to secretly assess the business. I could go on with the obvious aspect of Jared falling for Molly but that really isn't a cliche because this is the basis which all Hallmark Christmas movies are built upon.

Josh Kelly in Romance at Reindeer Lodge (2017)

But for all the cliches and story what "Romance at Reindeer Lodge" delivers heavily on is the look and we have this wonderful Vermont guest house with a red barn out the back and lots of wonderful lights, bows and trees. Add in steaming cups of luscious hot chocolate, advent calendars, Christmas cookies and lots of things which make a traditional Christmas and giving the audience a glimpse of a traditional and appealing Christmas. On top of that you have the hunky Josh Kelly who beneath the layers you can tell is well built whist Nicky Whelan has a look which is captivating and reminiscent of a young Cameron Diaz. And there is also Beth Broderick and Robert Pine who make a nice older couple, generous and loving which makes you want to see them at Christmas.

What this all boils down to is that "Romance at Reindeer Lodge" is in truth not anything new when it comes to the storyline. But it has a beautiful atmosphere, a lot of lovely decorations as well as a ton of poinsettias and the very appealing combination of Nicky Whelan and Josh Kelly.

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