Roll on Texas Moon (1946) Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans, Dennis Hoey, Elisabeth Risdon Movie Review

Roll on Texas Moon (1946)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Roy Rogers in Roll on Texas Moon (1946)

Getting Friendly During a Feud

When Gabby Whittaker (George 'Gabby' Hayes) discovers a dead sheep herder on the cattle ranch he finds himself thrown into jail for his murder despite being innocent. It seems that Cole Gregory (Dennis Hoey) has decided to create a turf war between the cattle men and the sheep herders so that he can scare Jill Delaney (Dale Evans) off of her family sheep farm so that he can get his hands on it. But news of this turf war has made it back to Chicago and so Roy (Roy Rogers) along with his smarter than the usual horse Trigger heads to the area to catch up with old friend Gabby and get to the bottom of things before they spiral out of hand.

Here's the truth, if "Roll on Texas Moon" starred John Wayne and was made as a John Wayne movie I would probably rate it higher than I do. I say this because whilst I am a fan of John Wayne there are those who were fans of Roy Rogers and his particular brand of easy going western entertainment who probably rate this higher. And in truth whilst there is a lot which is cliche about "Roll on Texas Moon" it does have some fun parts including a scene stealing lamb.

But for the most "Roll on Texas Moon" is just an old oater which recycles that old range war storyline between cattle men and sheep herders. As such not only do we have the corrupt businessman, the lovely young woman to be a romantic interest, some fancy horse riding and as the Son's of the Pioneers feature there are the musical scenes which are pleasant but like the rest of the movie familiar.

What this all boils down to is that for the most "Roll on Texas Moon" is just a typical old oater with a storyline which each western star of yesteryear covered at some point. For fans of Roy Rogers it probably will be a bit more entertaining but for me it is simply ordinary.