Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) Kristoffer Polaha, Lindy Booth, Treat Williams, Chris McNally, Paige McCulloch, Marci T. House Movie Review

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Lindy Booth and Kristoffer Polaha in Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017)

Lindy's Christmas Treat

Christmas is coming and, interior designer, Sarah Davis (Lindy Booth - Sound of Christmas) is dealing with the ghost of a previous relationship as her famous ex has already moved on and of course it is all over the news. It is why she decides to return home to the ranch her uncle Roy (Treat Williams - The Congressman) runs with her brother, although since her aunt passed away things have not been going so well for Roy who is really missing her. Whilst back home Sarah finds herself helping to put on the Christmas parade as it wasn't going to happen till she got involved. But she also finds herself dealing with Graham (Kristoffer Polaha - Hearts of Christmas), a movie star, who wants to stay at the ranch and experience ranch life in preparation for his next movie role.

Quick review: "Rocky Mountain Christmas" is a Hallmark Christmas movie where we have a handful of characters all with issues who get touched by the magic of Christmas when they end up together, oh and of course being a Hallmark Christmas movie there is a slice of romance tucked in there for good measure. There you go review done and I am sure there would be many fans of Hallmark Christmas movies who wouldn't even need that one line review to know what they are getting from "Rocky Mountain Christmas". I could add to that the uncle is considering selling the ranch as it is too much work whilst Graham's co-star and sort of girlfriend shows up but these are cliches just like the rest of the movie.

But as someone who likes to think of themselves as a seasoned Hallmark Christmas movie fan I know that a movie like "Rocky Mountain Christmas" is less about what happens, most of that is obvious, but more about how it makes you feel. And whilst there is the appeal of the cast be it Lindy Booth, Treat Williams or Kristoffer Polaha there is that touching side as we have people with issues. As such we have Sarah fearing heartbreak if she gets romantically involved, Roy having grown tired and losing his fight since his wife died whilst there is also Graham but I will let you find out the issue he needs solving for yourself. Look, this isn't one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which stands out from the crowd but it is one which succeeds in doing what it intends which is to deliver some easy to follow, wholesome entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that "Rocky Mountain Christmas" is a pleasant Christmas movie with a touching side running alongside all the usual cliches. But compared to some Hallmark Christmas movies this lacks the whole package to make it truly memorable and magical.

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