Rock the House (2011) Jack Coleman, Cassi Thomson, Micah Alberti, Andy Milder Movie Review

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Jack Coleman in Rock the House (2011)

Coleman & Cassi Rock it Hallmark Style

If attorney Max Peterson (Jack Coleman) didn't already work enough the fact the firm he is working for is down-sizing means he has to pick up the extra load from those who have been let go. That makes things even more difficult with his daughter Karen (Cassi Thomson) as she stays with him on weekends and he spends most of that working rather than spending time with her. After actually taking some time out and attending a school reunion with the guys he was in a band with Max decides to put the band together on weekends. Amazingly it brings him and Karen closer together as she has inherited his talent for singing. When the school prom, which Karen is helping organize with her secret rush Ryan (Micah Alberti), is threatened by a band dropping out the alternative is Max's except it clashes with an important court case.

"Rock the House" is the sort of movie which isn't going to surprise you much with a tale of a divorced dad always too busy to spend time with his daughter as not only is he a workaholic but he has pressure from his boss to work even harder. Of course he gets a bit of a wake up call when she has enough of being constantly let down and he becomes the good dad she needs but of course with work pressure always there you can guess he is going to have to make a big decision between work and being a dad. I don't feel bad saying that because "Rock the House" is that obvious from the word go that is the sort of made for TV movie you can't spoil by giving too much away.

Cassi Thomson in Rock the House (2011)

The thing is that due to "Rock the House" being so obvious it comes down to three things. The first of those is the likeable nature of Jack Coleman and how appealing he is as a dad who is trying to be a good dad. On the likeable note there is Cassi Thomson who is appealing as the daughter who really bonds with her father through music and is incredibly cute. Plus of course the third thing is the music as we have Jack Coleman and Cassi Thomson singing various songs and sounding great especially when it is just the two of them and an acoustic guitar.

What this all boils down to is that "Rock the House" is a movie which firstly has an appealing side but also it is incredibly familiar with it sticking to a recognizable theme of a workaholic father having to chose between head and heart.