Roboshark (2015) Alexis Peterman, Matt Rippy, Nigel Barber, Vanessa Grasse, Isaac Haig, Laura Dale Movie Review

Roboshark (2015)   1/51/51/51/51/5

Roboshark (2015)

Bill Glates and the Robot Shark

News reporter, Trish (Alexis Peterman), is heading to work with her mobile film crew when they pass some military types setting up a mobile base in a nearby park. This follows on from the strange video which is all the news of a shark picking a low flying plane out of the sky and destroying it. What Trish, her colleagues and her family don't know is that the video is not a fake and a shark has mutated into a RoboShark after it swallows a probe dropped to earth by an alien spaceship. Now Trish finds herself covering this emerging story of the RoboShark, a story which thanks to social media goes viral. But it seems despite the best efforts of the military the RoboShark is on a mission and nothing, be it metal or rock, is going to prevent it from reaching its destination.

I reckon it has been at least 6 months since I last watched one of these utterly ridiculous mutant creature movies and I guess my taste in movies has changed a lot since then because I found "Roboshark" a horrendous experience. The irony is that I wouldn't say that "Roboshark" is any worse than the majority of these mutant shark based movies; we have said mutant shark on the rampage, people following it and running from it whilst the military try to stop it. The effects are less that effective, the acting is okay at best for this sort of movie and the dialogue is non-descript, even the humour is as weak as expected, lacking the gung-ho aspect of say a "Sharknado" movie.

Roboshark (2015)

What does that mean, well "Roboshark" ends up one of two things; it will either be a movie you regret starting and end up finding yourself busy doing other things whilst it is on. Or you will find yourself glued to discover how daft it can get and let me give you a sneak preview; we are introduced to a character called Bill Glates who happens to be a major boss of a tech company.

What this all boils down to is that "Roboshark" was as terrible as in truth I expected it to be yet that makes it on par with so many similar made for TV mutant shark movies. I guess that maybe I have outgrown these sorts of movies because this ended up a challenge to keep watching.

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