Robot & Frank (2012) Frank Langella, James Marsden, Liv Tyler, Peter Sarsgaard, Susan Sarandon, Jeremy Strong, Jeremy Sisto Movie Review

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Robot & Frank (2012)

I Love Robot

In his day Frank (Frank Langella) was quite a cat burglar but now he is getting on in years and choosing to live away from town where he rejects the modern high tech world much to the frustration of his son Hunter (James Marsden). It is why one day Hunter shows up with a robot butler and forces his old man to keep the robot much to Frank's complete disdain for his new full time companion. But when Frank realises what a useful little friend the robot would be when it comes to returning to a life of crime an unusual friendship forms all but one which struggles under the weight of Frank's dementia.

I am of the mind to just say watch "Robot & Frank" for yourself because this is one of those movies where the enjoyment is in the discovery yourself. And as such trying to review this movie without giving anything away is nigh on impossible and forces me to be incredibly vague. But that is what I am going to be as it has been a while since I watched a movie which made me smile in so many ways, whilst also touching and surprising me in such a heart warming way.

So being vague you have Frank who is suffering from dementia, becoming grouchy and resistant to technology although when he bonds with a robot helper his son gives him brings out a new lease of life in him. And so we have this unusual buddy set up going on as Frank becomes connected to this robot who treats Frank's plans to do a robbery as a good project for stimulating his mind and even blackmails him in to being healthy via helping. And then we have the humour of the heists and the locals who know of Frank's past and suspect him which is comical in itself.

Look I could go on but I know I will end up giving too much away so will end by saying that whilst Frank Langella is the star of the movie Rachael Ma, who is the robot performer, and Peter Sarsgaard, who voices the robot, are brilliant in a combined way and the way the dialogue and interactions flow is just great.

What this all boils down to is that "Robot & Frank" is a joy to watch and a joy to watch the storyline unfold in front of your eyes in such an amusing, touching and captivating way.