Repo Chick (2009) starring Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, Del Zamora, Alex Feldman directed by Alex Cox Movie Review

Repo Chick (2009)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jaclyn Jonet in Repo Chick (2009)

Take it Back

Spoiled rich girl Pixxi (Jaclyn Jonet) finds her family have had enough of her lazy, money wasting attitude and disinherit her but suggest if she gets a job they may let her back in to the family. So Pixxi does just that and finds herself having a natural talent for the repo game which she hopes will win her favour with her family. When it doesn't Pixxi has her new contacts hack their files and make her family destitute whilst she spots a huge reward for an antique train which she decides to try and track down. But her search brings her in to danger with terrorists and Russian bombs as they try and force the game of golf to be banned.

"Repo Chick" amazingly was the first Alex Cox movie I ever watched having heard things about his style and decided to put off tacking his movies. And trust me if all his movies are as eclectic as "Repo Chick" I doubt I will be bothering with many more as I found it almost impossible to watch. From the daftness of the look to the even dafter storyline as well as the acting there is nothing which I liked about the movie. Okay so it is imaginative and I always praise imaginative but it is far too out there for my liking.

Now I did mention imaginative and the first thing to strike you about "Repo Chick" is the look as Cox has frequently filmed his actors in front of a green screen and then imposed behind them footage of miniature sets filmed up close. Some might call this very different looking movie art but for me it is an experiment which for a couple of minutes works and then quickly grows annoying once the novelty wears off.

But the daftness in the style which also includes the way people are dressed extends to the storyline which with a little reworking would have sounded like a typical Seagal movie. But Cox's storyline is so intentionally random that it is annoying as the look and a real chore to try and watch. It doesn't help that the characters are an eclectic bunch who are annoying as everything else in the movie which means either the actors are very good when it comes to delivering what a movie needs or just naturally good at being annoying and phoney. I can't tell but the acting and characters simply contributed to my dislike of the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Repo Chick" really wasn't for me and found the novelty of Alex Cox's model/ green screen look a concept which quickly wore off and became annoying as does the storyline as it becomes far too daft.