Remains (2011) starring Grant Bowler, Evalena Marie, Tawny Cypress, Miko Hughes, Lance Reddick directed by Colin Theys Movie Review

Remains (2011)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Evalena Marie and Grant Bowler in Remains (2011)

High Stakes

It should have been a great day with scientists finally coming up with a way to rid the planet of the nuclear danger, except it goes wrong in a major way with the majority of the population turned in to flesh eating zombies. In a small casino town, in an equally small casino there are a group of survivors who must work together to not only keep the zombies out but contain those which are already in the building, including old grannies that turned whilst playing the slots. But as the days pass not only do their supplies start to run out but the number of zombies surrounding them increases.

I can't remember which one of the many zombie movies it was which features a group of survivors in a shopping mall but "Remains" comes across like an elaboration on that with a group of survivors in a casino. And as such there are plenty of typical elements from a journey outside of the doors where they try to sneak through the living dead to various scenes on the roof top as they see the numbers of living dead congregating outside increasing. And it has the mix of horror and humour which you often find in these zombie movies although for the most it is an uneven mix with some of the humour involving attempts to drive out of a garage failing miserably.

But whilst for the most "Remains" is typical and that includes some sex scenes thrown in there as well it does elaborate on things in an entertaining manner with a group of military people who show up and try and screw over our heroes. And then shall I just say there is a rescue attempt involving a huge steel ball which will make you laugh due to its insanity.

What this all boils down to is that "Remains" is for the most just another zombie movie but when the funny parts of it work it really does work which makes up for all that is ordinary as it features plenty of zombie movie cliches.

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