Relative Chaos (2006) Christopher Gorham, Nicholas Brendon, Terry Bradshaw, Charisma Carpenter Movie Review

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Christopher Gorham and Charisma Carpenter in Relative Chaos (2006)

Reunion Rivalry

Dil Gilbert (Christopher Gorham) is heading home for the annual family reunion which means it is the annual Gilbert Cup, a competition which in its 24 years he has never won. But this year could be different because pushy girlfriend Katherine (Charisma Carpenter) invites herself and she won't let Dil lose again even if he has to put up with lots of ribbing from his brother Gil (Nicholas Brendon) and sister Lil (Jennifer Robertson). But there are a few surprises this year as each of the Gilbert children discover something about themselves.

I read about 3 reviews before I watched "Relative Chaos" and they all mentioned it was cute and having watched it I have to agree this is one cute movie. Now don't mistake cute for good because "Relative Chaos" is just about passable, feeling like a toned down play on"Cheaper by the Dozen 2" as we have an annual family competition between rival siblings. But with that in mind if you are looking for some relatively clean entertainment for all the family rather than gross out comedy and sexual innuendo then "Relative Chaos" will do the job.

Jennifer Robertson and Nicholas Brendon in Relative Chaos (2006)

Now As I watched "Relative Chaos" it initially reminded me of "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" with its competition element but at the same time "Meet the Parents" in particular a water polo scene. It has that sort of feel about it as we have a family together where the children wind each other up and in this case Dil often ends up being made fun off. All of which is firstly very daft with some stupid games but also incredibly cute as Dil, Lil and Gil basically do some growing up and connect like they had never done before. And that is about it with an added, extremely obvious and slightly cheesy romantic subplot.

To be honest there isn't much else to say about "Relative Chaos" other than the various actors do a nice job of intentionally being a bit cheesy and over the top, embracing the cuteness of the movie. And whilst Christopher Gorham, Jennifer Robertson and Nicholas Brendon as Dil, Lil and Lig are the main focus of things with their sibling rivalry and secrets Terry Bradshaw and Jayne Eastwood are a lot of fun as their basically crazy parents.

What this all boils down to is that "Relative Chaos" is a bit of harmless fun which is incredibly cute. It won't be for everyone because we are talking an inoffensive ABC Family Production but if innocent and inoffensive is what you are after it will probably amuse.