Rainbow Over Texas (1946) Roy Rogers, Trigger, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Dale Evans Movie Review

Rainbow Over Texas (1946)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers in Rainbow Over Texas (1946)

Sing-along a Western

Jackie Dalrymple (Dale Evans) is a huge fan of the singing cowboy Roy Rogers and it leads to a disagreement with her father who has worked hard to climb the social ladder and wishes something more for his daughter. It leads to Jackie running away and stealing a ride on a train, masquerading as a boy and finding herself meeting Roy who is heading back home to the town of Dalrymple to put on a couple of shows and is not tricked by Jackie's disguise. While in town, catching up with old friend Sheriff Gabby Whittaker (George 'Gabby' Hayes), Roy enters a Pony Express race but finds himself the victim of sabotage from someone determined to prevent him from winning.

If you use to watch Roy Rogers westerns for the singings I know that "Rainbow Over Texas" will not disappoint with several musical numbers dispersed through out the movie, in fact I think there is probably more minutes spent on musical scenes than there are on those which tell the story, not that I'm complaining too much as all the numbers, especially those featuring Dale Evans are still very entertaining.

But then there is the story and what we have s two for the price of one as on one hand we have Roy meeting Jackie and not knowing that she is the daughter of a businessman he doesn't like which is full of fun little moments, often drawing Gabby Hayes into the mix. But then we have a dodgy businessman up to criminal no good with Roy setting about to catch who behind is some local trouble and some race fixing. It is all pretty simple stuff but also entertaining when you remember this is one of those lighter than light westerns.

What this all boils down to is that "Rainbow Over Texas" is an enjoyable Roy and Dale western from the 1940s which heavy on the songs and humour which truth be told is quite appealing even now.