Quadrophenia (1979) starring Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting directed by Franc Roddam Movie Review

Quadrophenia (1979)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Leslie Ash and Phil Daniels in Quadrophenia (1979)

This is England 64

Jimmy (Phil Daniels) is a stereotypical teen who think his parents are dinosaurs, hates his job and lives for being a Mod. So involved in the Mod culture is he that he isn't frightened of taking on Rockers on his own and is looking forwards to the weekend when the Mods congregate in Brighton as he knows things will kick off with the Rockers. But after being arrested when things do kick off Jimmy returns home to discover he has been kicked out of home after his mum had discovered his stash of drugs. Then when he heads back to Brighton he discovers Ace (Sting) the leader of the Mods and the guy he models himself on is nothing more than a bellboy in a hotel. With everything which Jimmy holds dear to him being shattered he steals Ace's scooter and heads for the cliffs.

If you are a fan of British movies you will have probably heard mention that "Quadrophenia" is one of the greatest British movies ever made. I am sure for many "Quadrophenia" is because not only will it appeal to those who were mods during the mid 60s as to when it is set but also those who were teenagers/ young adults in the late 70s when it was set. But for those who came later, whose teenage years weren't until the late 80s and after, well it comes across like an earlier version of one of their movies. Basically what I am saying is that look beyond the actors and the music and "Quadrophenia" tells a familiar storyline of a teenager holding on to what he thinks he wants to be only to learn that it is not all that it seems.

But whilst "Quadrophenia" doesn't tell a new story it tells the old story very well with a nice mix of drama, music, action and humour which even if you didn't live through the era has a certain amount of appeal. What also has an appeal is the sheer number of familiar names and faces who appear with Phil Daniels leading the movie with a spot on performance as he gets across that element of a teen besotted with his way of life. But with the likes of John Altman, Ray Winstone, Timothy Spall and Toyah Willcox in the movie it is a fascinating look at young British actors who have gone on to bigger things.

What this all boils down to is that "Quadrophenia" is a generational movie which probably holds a lot of charm for those who were mods in the 60s or young adults in the late 70s. But for those outside of those generations will spot that this tells a story which had been told before and has been told since.