Puppy Love (2012) Candace Cameron Bure, Victor Webster, Katie L. Hawkins, Jamison Jones, Kali Rocha, Sheila Shaw, Thomas Daniel, Laura Ann Kesling Movie Review

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Victor Webster and Candace Cameron Bure in Puppy Love (2012)

Candace's Canine Chaos

Having had to move to a new town for work, Megan Nolan (Candace Cameron Bure - Truth Be Told), a single mum, is feeling bad as her daughter, Caitlin (Katie Hawkins), has no friends and there is no one of her age in the residential area they have moved to. It is why after watching how good Caitlin is with a neighbour's dog that they adopt a dog from the shelter. Of course the dog causes chaos in Megan's lovely new home and causes chaos in another way when Ben (Victor Webster - Killer Hair), a baseball player, shows up claiming that the dog called Jake is his. It turns out that whilst he was a way a friend accidentally lost Jake and now he wants him back. But on seeing how much Caitlin loves his dog he agrees to share him which forces Megan and Ben to spend time together.

It takes a grand total of 20 minutes for "Puppy Love" to lay its cards on the table by which point we have a single mum, a dog with a mind of his own, a handsome sports star and the first antagonistic meeting between Megan and Ben. At which point the rest of "Puppy Love" is a complete walk in the park as you know that Megan will struggle with having a messy dog in her home, there will be more antagonism between Megan and Ben when he finds out she has his dog and of course romance beckons as they spend time together. I maybe should have said spoiler alert but I doubt that there are many who would chose to watch "Puppy Love" not realising this right from the start.

But then in being predictable "Puppy Love" delivers the easy going charm you expect from a movie on the Hallmark Channel. There is the likeability of Candace Cameron Bure playing a comically frazzled single mum as well as the handsome charm of Victor Webster as Ben, her romantic nemesis. Plus there is the humour such as a scene where Megan is soaking in a bath of bubbles sees the dog sliding towards her on the slippery floor. But there is little in "Puppy Love" which will take you by surprise when it comes to the characters or the humour.

What this all boils down to is that "Puppy Love" is another typical romantic comedy from Hallmark which means it is only for those who enjoy the simplistic, easy going and cute nature of these Hallmark movies.

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