Psycho In-Law (2017) Katie Leclerc, Catherine Dyer, Mike Faiola, Pamela Mitchell, Brooke Fontana, Aubrey Manning, Paul Messinger, Tom Lind, Angie Patterson, Corinne Nowicki, Scott Erickson Movie Review

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Catherine Dyer in Psycho In-Law (2017)

A Real Monster-in-Law

It was only two years ago when Brock's (Mike Faiola - Fatal Flip) wife died in a tragic accident leaving him a daughter, Harper (Brooke Fontana), to raise as a single father. But when he met Tina (Katie Leclerc - The Reckoning), only three months ago, everything felt right with Harper liking her and so he asks her to marry him. But Brock's late wife's mother, Joyce (Catherine Dyer), is not in the least bit impressed with how Brock has moved on and how Harper loves Tina. In fact Joyce is so unhappy about these developments that she will do what ever it takes to prevent Brock from getting married again.

If I wore a hat I would have to tip it to Catherine Dyer as Joyce because it is her performance which really makes "Psycho In-Law" tick. It is the way she makes Joyce that mommy dearest sort of character who delivers those looks which mix menacing with devious which makes this movie come to life. It is so good that right from the word go you can see that she is both scheming and controlling, unable to accept change but you automatically get the sense that she is capable of a lot more when it comes to her devious and desperate nature.

Katie Leclerc in Psycho In-Law (2017)

It is because of Catherine Dyer's performance that the familiar nature of "Psycho In-Law" ends up not just another controlling and devious mother movie. But because that is essentially what this movie is there is a certain amount of predictability to it as we watch Joyce go about her devious ways. That means we have her causing Tina to make mistakes, turning Harper against her and using all manner of cunning ways to bring an end to the planned marriage. But of course we also get moments of Joyce showing her true colours whilst seeing how her desperation escalates as despite her attempts to sabotage it the marriage is still going ahead.

What this all boils down to is that "Psycho In-Law" ends up a lot more entertaining that you might expect when you consider that the basis of the movie of a psychotic person screwing with someone else is quite familiar. And much of what makes this work is down to Catherine Dyer who delivers a great character.