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John Alderton in Please Sir! (1971)

Back to School

When Mr Hedges (John Alderton) is put in charge of a school trip he finds himself with his unruly rabble on a bus going from the Fenn Street School to an activity camp. And typically right from the word go things don't go to plan as the students get up to tricks all the time. And that is nothing to when they reach their direction with things even messy for Mr Hedges as he starts chatting up barmaid Penny (Jill Kerman) whilst having to deal with the mooning of Angela (Patsy Rowlands) over him.

There are man things which can signal to you that you are watching a British comedy from the 70s; the clothes, the actors and the music. But there is another thing which signals a trip in to the past and that is racial humour and that is one of the things which initially strikes you about "Please Sir!" as it has all sorts of racial humour which in fairness is not all one way. But it hits you when you watch "Please Sir!" now almost as much as the obvious age of most of the actors playing the pupils; these must be some of the oldest pupils in cinema history.

Patsy Rowlands in Please Sir! (1971)

Anyway, aside from those two things what you get in "Please Sir!" is extremely typical of British comedies where you get a group of students on holiday and they get up to various things. There are pranks, there are flirtations and there are lots of extremely quirky and individual characters who are amusing in their own right. In truth there is nothing in the least bit original in "Please Sir!" but for those who enjoy British comedy from the 70s are likely to still enjoy this movie and probably get a kick out of recognizing some of the actors.

What this all boils down to is that "Please Sir!" is still fun but it is a movie made for a very specific sort of audience and features some comedy which new audiences just wouldn't get.

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