Pitch Perfect (2012) Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson Movie Review

Pitch Perfect (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect (2012)

Off Key

All singing girl group The Bellas suffer a huge disappointment when they crash out of the A capella final in an epic fashion. In need of breathing some new life in to their tired, prim set up of singing tired pop songs the new Bellas decide to recruit freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) into the group because as an aspiring DJ she has edge. After reluctantly joining in and getting to know the mixed bag of girls in the group Beca decides to help them regain their pride in the big competition.

Many people go through life thinking they are younger than they are until they do something and it hits them that they are no longer young. I get that when I watch a modern comedy starring young current comedy talent because more often than not I find them unfunny and suddenly I start feeling my age and yearning for the comedies of the 80s and 90s. As such as I watched "Pitch Perfect" I found myself once again feeling old as nothing and I do mean nothing in it amused me.

Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect (2012)

Now if I try and rationalize why "Pitch Perfect" didn't work for me is that every single character in the movie is annoying including Beca who whilst cute is also a moody little thing whilst the love interest Jesse is such a nice guy that he is annoying for being so nice. It is not just in "Pitch Perfect" this has happened as so many modern comedies with young stars are built about annoying characters who grate before you are even half way in to the movie.

But it is not just the characters but also the jokes just seem unfunny. A joke about Fat Amy, played in typical style by Rebel Wilson, having been in Fiddler in the Roof, a production of Aborigines which was really Jewish is so unfunny it is ridiculous. I will be honest I started to lose the will to live as not a single joke made me smile and that is from someone who enjoyed the humour in "American Pie".

What this all boils down to is that "Pitch Perfect" didn't work for me and was another movie which made me realise that modern comedy is mostly not from me especially if it stars the young comedians of today.