Perfect Creature (2006) starring Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Scott Wills, Stuart Wilson directed by Glenn Standring Movie Review

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Dougray Scott in Perfect Creature (2006)

Not Perfect Enough

In an alternate reality humans and vampires have coexisted for hundreds of years with the vampires, genetically superior to man are indoctrinated into their own group called The Brotherhood whose purpose is to serve mankind. But mankind is in the grip of an influenza epidemic with a shortage of vaccine which means the police are struggling with an increased black market. When an infected woman is found murdered in a back alley Captain Lilly (Saffron Burrows) is assigned the case but is accompanied by vampire Silus (Dougray Scott) who has been sent by the Brotherhood because they fear a rogue vampire, Silus' brother Edgar (Leo Gregory) was not only responsible but is set on infecting the entire human race which would put in danger the harmony shared between man and vampire. But things are not as simple as The Brotherhood are concerned for their future and Edgar has been doing secret genetic testing and now he has set his sights on Lilly which makes Silus conflicted by his feelings for her.

Whilst "Perfect Creature" came out in 2006 I didn't watch it until 2014 and by then my enthusiasm for vampire movies had been sucked dry. As such I will say up front that "Perfect Creature" didn't do a great deal for me despite having some decent ideas with this alternate reality of man and vampire coexisting with the vampires acting as some form of superior protector. The trouble is that due to my tiring of the vampire genre all I really wanted was some simple vampire action nonsense where "Perfect Creature" is more about the drama which makes it slow.

Saffron Burrows in Perfect Creature (2006)

But as I said "Perfect Creature" has some good ideas and these range from humans and vampires living in a slightly uneasy harmony to this setting which looks like 1950s mixed with 1930s as well as the Victorian era. But the real interesting aspects are the secrets and so we have The Brotherhood who are not only fearful that a female vampire hasn't been born in many years but also fearful that Edgar's insane rampage could lead to the persecution they faced before harmony was agreed. We also have Lilly a woman who cares for those being targeted in the slums as she herself had come from the slums.

The trouble is that not only does this develop into this quasi love story as Silus has strong feelings for Lilly but as I mentioned the focus is on the drama rather than the action with the action actually being underwhelming. It is a case that if you watched "Perfect Creature" because you read that it was an action vampire movie you are likely to be disappointed. Where as if you are tired of just simple vampire action the slower paced drama might be more appealing and as such might enjoy the performances from Dougray Scott and Saffron Burrows which in truth did little for me. Although it does feel at times like the writers came up with these good ideas but didn’t bother to give us depth; from Lilly’s life in the slums to the level of power which The Brotherhood has.

What this all boils down to is that if you have grown tired by the vampire genre then "Perfect Creature" will either impress because of its idea of humans and vampires living in harmony or bore you senseless because of its laboured pacing. Whilst I like the ideas the laboured pacing of "Perfect Creature" did little for me and found it hard work to get in to and stay interested in because of the lack of depth behind the ideas.

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