Out of Reach (2004) Steven Seagal, Ida Nowakowska, Agnieszka Wagner, Matt Schulze Movie Review

Out of Reach (2004)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Steven Seagal in Out of Reach (2004)

Out of Ideas

Former CSA agent Billy Ray Lancing (Steven Seagal) has found solace working in a nature reserve on Northern Alaska whilst also writing pen-pal letters to Irina Morawska (Ida Nowakowska) a 13 year old orphan in Poland who just for fun has taught to use codes. When Irina's letters stop coming Billy ay heads to Poland and finds out that the people running the orphanage were unknowingly running it is a front for a human trafficking network run by a man called Faisal. Now with Irina leaving behind a trail of coded messages Billy tries to track her down with a bit of assistance from Kasia Lato (Agnieszka Wagner), a Polish cop who wants to bring down Faisal's trafficking program.

"Out of Reach" is not the first time I've watched a Steven Seagal movie and found myself groaning at the poorly made nonsense but never have I groaned at one so quickly. With in 30 seconds of "Out of Reach" starting and we hear someone's voice reading the horrendously bad letters which Billy Ray sends Irina and you are already contemplating how bad this can get. I suppose the best thing I can say is that whilst it doesn't get any worse it doesn't get any better either with this quickly becoming one of those "Steven Seagal movies you put on but don't really watch.

The reason is that "Out of Reach" is one of those generic Seagal movies where he is the cool cucumber who knows and sees everything, walks through the movie breaking bones where he has to whilst being down with the kids as he tries to get their help in finding Irina. I don't need to go in to much more detail with it being such a generic one but sadly the movie which is built around this formula from the good cop to the Polish bad guys are all incredibly forgettable as are the action scenes.

What this all boils down to is that "Out of Reach" is not only a bog standard Steven Seagal action movie but one which offers up nothing which is memorable making it one of those movies which you end up not really watching.