Other Women's Children (1993) Melanie Mayron, Geraint Wyn Davies, Eric Pospisil, Ja'net DuBois Movie Review

Other Women's Children (1993)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Melanie Mayron in Other Women's Children (1993)

Caring for Every Child

Dr. Amelia Stewart (Melanie Mayron) is very good at her job as a paediatrician which is why her bosses constantly pile more work on her. Her dedication to her job causes issues at home with not only her husband feeling neglected but also their son who often finds promises day trips cancelled when a sick kid takes precedence. Things become even worse when Amelia starts to treat for a terminally sick child and refuses to give up and just let the child die as others are willing to do. But things take a surprising turn when her own son suddenly falls ill and she finds herself torn between saving her son and her desire to save others.

"Other Women's Children" is one of those movies where you read the synopsis of this woman's dedication to work leading to family problems and you think okay you can guess how this will play out. And then you read that issues come close to home when her own son becomes ill and you think okay that gives the movie some possibilities. But then when you watch that is pretty much all there is where we watch Amelia's dedication to saving children ending up causing marital issues in more ways than one.

The thing is that "Other Women's Children" is a solid drama about a dedicated Dr. who ends up with marriage problems because of the dedication but that is all it is. The whole drama and emotion of Amelia's story never truly springs in to life and so you keep watching waiting for something to really happen and even when it does it doesn't really grip. Part of the trouble is that there is no real character growth and right from the word go we enter Amelia's life when her marriage is already in major trouble.

What this all boils down to is that "Other Women's Children" is a solid 90s made for TV drama about a woman's dedication and the issues which come with it. But it is just solid and sadly the story never truly comes to life.