Orc Wars (2013) (aka: Dragonfyre) starring Rusty Joiner, Masiela Lusha, Wesley John, Isaac C. Singleton Jr. directed by Kohl Glass Movie Review

Orc Wars (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rusty Joiner in Orc Wars (2013) (aka: Dragonfyre)

Going Rambo on some Orc Butt

After many years in the Special Forces John Norton (Rusty Joiner) is almost burned out and so buys himself a remote cabin on a ranch to live his life peacefully away from everyone. He finds that with the house come all the belongings of the previous tenant who died and he soon learns he has some permanent guests on his land including Whitefeather (Wesley John), a blind Native American, and Aleya (Masiela Lusha), an Elf Warrior Princess. But he also discovers a cave on his land which turns out to be the entrance to the kingdom of the Orcs who unless they get Aleya will unleash a dragon which will destroy the planet.

I'm not into the whole fantasy world where we have ugly beasts called Orcs running riot and to be honest dragons have never really wowed me much either but with "Orc Wars" featuring a crossover where these ugly suckers enter our world it is a little bit more entertaining or at least sounded like it could be entertaining. The trouble is that "Orc Wars" is just a one trick pony which is to watch a man with guns take down men in Orc costumes and once you have seen it once seeing the same thing again further on in the movie isn't going to amuse you in the same way.

Now in fairness "Orc Wars" tries to deliver some sort of narrative with these Orcs after Aleya and along the way attack various people but it is an incredibly weak vehicle for some Orc slaying action. Of course there is also the humour of the situation with John being ex Special Forces dealing with these ugly guys but again like the initial idea it soon becomes boring.

What this all boils down to is that "Orc Wars" is a movie with an idea and in fairness an entertaining one at that but it needed a lot more and instead resorts to actor Rusty Joiner taking his shirt off to flex his muscles to try and distract from its obvious weaknesses.