Operation Christmas (2016) Tricia Helfer, Marc Blucas, Lisa Durupt, Gabrielle Rose, Jill Teed, DeeJay Jackson, Barclay Hope Movie Review

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Tricia Helfer and Marc Blucas in Operation Christmas (2016)

Serving Up a Reminder for Christmas

It is on the ski slopes of Whistler that single mum Olivia Young (Tricia Helfer - Finding Christmas) met single dad Scott McGuigan (Marc Blucas - Miss Christmas), a sergeant in the army. But after spending a special day together they agree to spend Christmas Day together as well, except things go wrong as Scott gets called away and Olivia doesn't get his note apologising. The following year Olivia finds herself working for a bank near Fort Wilcox which just happens to be where Scott is based. Despite frustrated by Scott always on call and having to leave on a minutes notice the two fall for each other and cherish the time they get together or the phone calls he makes when away. Whilst Scott is away Olivia throws herself into helping the struggling families on the base with her efforts going viral with many people giving from some unexpected places, all the time she wonders whether she can cope being in a relationship with a soldier.

I would have to say that most Hallmark Christmas movies are all about romantically finding someone unexpected at Christmas and these movies tend to be draped in that commercial look of perfectly decorated homes, roaring log fires and snow covered streets. But every now and then you come across one which behind many of those usual seasonal dressings has a different motive and "Operation Christmas" is one such movie as it has a large charitable heart.

What that means is that whilst we have some beautifully decorated homes, snow covered gardens, beautifully cooked food on equally beautifully dressed tables and of course the growing relationship between Olivia and Scott what "Operation Christmas" is about is highlighting the work of the soldiers and what their families go through. As such we see how there are financial troubles for some but also emotional difficulties when you don't know whether your loved one will return when they suddenly get the call to duty. And whilst "Operation Christmas" is not the first Christmas movie I have seen which highlights the work of those in the forces it does a good job of making you think about those who might not be together at Christmas and live never knowing whether they will see their loved one again.

What this all boils down to is that "Operation Christmas" is a Hallmark Christmas movie with a big heart and is much more than just another romantic Christmas movie. Yes at times it isn't overly subtle but at the same time it makes you think about what others are going through especially those who sacrifice so much to protect others.

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