Movie Review - One Christmas Eve (2014) Anne Heche stars in this Christmas movie about a divorced mum who has a chaotic Christmas Eve thanks to a dog left on her doorstep Movie Review

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One Christmas Eve (2014)

Christmas Eve Adventures

When Cesar (Carlos Gomez - Fools Rush In) tries to leave a puppy on the doorstep of the Blakemore resident it is the start of a Christmas Eve of chaos as Cesar slips and hurts himself. Finding Cesar, recently divorced Nell Blakemore (Anne Heche - Silver Bells), along with her children and the puppy, take Cesar to the hospital where firstly she has to contend with a jobs worth nurse, then a dishy doctor, then her son ending up lost on a construction site and her car towed away by a security guard doing his job and that is not the end of things. Well Nell wanted to make Christmas Eve special it will certainly be one she won't forget in a while

Back in 1987 Elisabeth Shue found herself having a night to remember when everything went wrong for her in "Adventures in Babysitting". Well 27 years later we have a grown up take on that movie with "One Christmas Eve" which sees Anne Heche having a night to remember when one thing leads to another and then another. And as such what you get in "One Christmas Eve" is Anne Heche as Nell in comedy panic mode in the middle of the chaos as she tries to do the right thing but nothing seems to work out as one crisis leads to another.

But unsurprisingly "One Christmas Eve" is more than just comedy chaos because as things unravel various people get drawn in to the mess from the nice guy doctor to the car park attendant at the Hospital who whilst doing his job happens to have Nell's car towed. Well it doesn't take much to work out that on this Christmas Eve as these people interact they end up spending Christmas together.

The thing about "One Christmas Eve" is that it isn't overly original, it isn't overly memorable but it is sweet and mostly amusing. In fact it is one of those movies which the more you watch and get past any initial scepticism kind of grows on you and puts a smile on your face.

What this all boils down to is that "One Christmas Eve" is nothing special and the sort of Hallmark Christmas movie which whilst you might remember a couple of bits from you will struggle to remember the title. But yet it has a good heart and as I said the more you stick with it the more it grows on you.

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