Oh Christmas Tree (2013) (aka: Fir Crazy) Sarah Lancaster, Eric Johnson, Colin Mochrie, Greg Calderone, Inga Cadranel, John Bregar, Marqus Bobesich, Rishma Malik Movie Review

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Sarah Lancaster in Oh Christmas Tree (2013) (aka: Fir Crazy)

Lancaster's Fir Fun

The one thing Elise MacReynolds (Sarah Lancaster - Christmas in the Smokies) remembers about Christmas as a child was working on the family fir tree farm and driving down to the city at Christmas to sell them on the lot. It is why she doesn't do Christmas and why she doesn't return home to the farm to see her parents as often as she should. But when at Thanksgiving she gets laid off from her marketing job she finds that the only job open to her is to return home to help sell the Christmas trees during the busiest time of the year. She reluctantly agrees and thanks to the return visit to the lot from the handsome Darren (Eric Johnson - Call Me Mrs. Miracle) Elise even starts to get in to the Christmas spirit. But her troubles are not over as a the new owner of the neighbouring department store is a money grabbing grouch and wants to get rid of the tree lot and so Elise must find a way of stopping the city from shutting the business down.

To be honest I don't think "Oh Christmas Tree", which is also known as "Fir Crazy", needs a great deal of reviewing or explanation as it can be broken down into easy chunks. City girl falls back in love with the family business, she also falls in love with Christmas, finds love with a handsome man who is nicer than her recent ex and sets about saving the day when the family business is in danger. All those chunks are standard made for TV Christmas movie cliches and within minutes of "Oh Christmas Tree" starting you can predict how things are going to work out come the end of the movie.

But the good news is that "Oh Christmas Tree" handles all these cliches nicely with a nice tone, some cute romance and most importantly, for this type of regular Christmas movie, nice pacing. I say that because when every thing is so typical the movie needs to just tick over and never dawdle and "Oh Christmas Tree" never dawdles. It also has a good heart which at times is corny, such as when Elise helps out a down on his luck guy by offering him work, but it is what you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie as is a happy ever after ending.

What this all boils down to is that whether you call it "Oh Christmas Tree" or "Fir Crazy" this Hallmark Christmas movie is predictable from start to finish. But it works as it is what you expect from Hallmark, a simply cute Christmas piece of fluff.

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