Nuclear Hurricane (2007) starring Jamie Luner, Jack Scalia, Meredith McGeachie, David Millbern directed by Fred Olen Ray Movie Review

Nuclear Hurricane (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jamie Luner in Nuclear Hurricane (2007)

Going Haywire

At an island nuclear power plant they are having issues with the super computer system known as Staci. Engineers Linda (Jamie Luner) and Rusty (Jack Scalia) are trying to sort things out when a wrong code is used which unlocks Staci's full and dangerous potential causing it to think for itself and rise up against the humans. Mean while a tropical storm is heading towards the island and everyone including the recently arrived Erik (David Millbern), Linda's ex, are in major danger.

Rarely has a movie started and done such a bad job of getting me interested with one poor scene after another but that is exactly what "Nuclear Hurricane" managed to do. Now I stuck with it partly because I thought how could you mess up such a simple disaster movie but also because I like actors Jamie Luner and Jack Scalia. Sadly I wish I hadn't bothered as "Nuclear Hurricane" fails to get any better and in truth falls to pieces the longer it goes on.

So how can a movie about a computer at a nuclear power plant going haywire combined with a tropical storm go so badly wrong? There is no simple answer as it is a combination of a lot of things from poor acting, worse dialogue, less than impressive effects, a lack of excitement during the limited action and story elements as well as rules put in place early on ending up ignored later on. I could go on with things such as It being predictable and subplots taking up too much time but I hope you get the gist that this is a disaster movie with a lot of issues.

What this all boils down to is that "Nuclear Hurricane" is seriously poor and some thing which could have been corny fun and entertainingly bad just ends up bad. If it wasn't for the okay camera work "Nuclear Hurricane" would be a real stinker.