Now and Forever (1983) Cheryl Ladd, Robert Coleby, Carmen Duncan, Christine Amor, Aileen Britton Movie Review

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Cheryl Ladd in Now and Forever (1983)

Not Anymore

Jessie Clarke (Cheryl Ladd) is happy when her husband Ian (Robert Coleby), a writer, returns home from a business meeting. But happiness quickly turns to dismay when he is arrested having been accused of rape leading to not only his incarceration but admitting to Jessie that whilst he didn't rape the woman he did sleep with her. Despite his infidelity Jessie works hard to get her husband out and clear his name, the question is whether she can forgive him for being unfaithful especially when the woman who he slept with is delusional and comes up with a series of lies about him.

I believe that "Now and Forever" was the first Danielle Steel story to be adapted into a movie and whilst I am no expert I can't remember another to have been made in Australia. Unfortunately this early Danielle Steel movie leaves a lot to be desired because this has many aspects which makes this poor. One of those is so much of the acting ends up feeling painfully forced with many of the actors delivering over the top looks when ever they have anything to say. It makes this incredibly hard work and lacking any sort of natural flow which at times makes this feel a little amateurish.

The shame of this is that the actual storyline to "Now and Forever" is not that bad as we have a storyline which focuses on the trial and we get to see the woman spin one lie after another whilst we wonder what her motive is for her actions. At the same time we see how the trial and accusations affect Jessie, putting a strain on her relationship to Ian especially when he finds prison life allows him to focus on writing. It isn't that any of this is anything new but it certainly could have made for a better movie than this turned out. In the end "Now and Forever" ends up a movie reliant on the appeal of Cheryl Ladd who ends up the best thing about the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Now and Forever" is a weak movie with a lack of a strong style or strong performances to make it entertaining. In truth this is a movie with too many scenes filled with forced acting which prevents an okay storyline from working.

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