Nostradamus (2000) starring Rob Estes, Joely Fisher, Fintan McKeown, David Millbern, Michael C. Gwynne directed by Tibor Takács Movie Review

Nostradamus (2000)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rob Estes in Nostradamus (2000)

A Monk in Minneapolis

Minneapolis detective Mike Nostrand (Rob Estes) and partner Bill MacNulty (Gene Davis) are called in to investigate a series of cases involving apparent spontaneous combustion. Their investigations brings them in touch with FBI psychic Lucy (Joely Fisher) who is convinced these murders are down to a French monk who has travelled through time from 16th century France. Finding it hard to believe Mike finds himself back in 16th century France when he slips on an ancient ring where he discovers that according to ancient prophecy that not only is he Nostradamus but he has returned to save the world.

When ever I watch a movie which doesn't work for me, and "Nostradamus" doesn't, I try to work out if there would ever be a situation where I might have enjoyed it. In this case I reckon if I was in the first day or two of being off work sick and came across it whilst channel surfing it might distract me from what ever ailed me. But watched when fully well and looking to be entertained it only ever comes across as weak and in some ways a lost opportunity to do something both scary and thrilling rather than something which relies on over the top characters.

Joely Fisher in Nostradamus (2000)

Part of the trouble with "Nostradamus" comes from the lost opportunity as when we have this time travelling Monk in Minneapolis it has a feel of a TV series where it is just about the Monk in Minneapolis rather than what's behind him being there. For me it should have focused on the horror of him being there and his connection to the various incidents of suspected spontaneous combustion. In not going for the fear factor it dumbs it down too much and makes it more for those not wanting to be taxed by what they watch, just distracted.

This is backed up when it comes to the characters as we are in the realms of the stereotypes and OTT characters as again they don't tax you because they are familiar but distract you for being slightly larger than life. This is most certainly the case when it comes to Joely Fisher as Lucy who to put this simply is mistaken for a hooker when we first meet her due to her dress sense. Of course these characters help to distract you from the plot and in many ways it is a good thing because the second you start focusing on what is unravelling on the screen you begin to realise the various issues.

What this all boils down to is that "Nostradamus" doesn't work and ends up one of those movies which struggles when you concentrate on what is going on with its time travelling storyline. But if you just want some thing to watch as a distraction and with over the top characters it might just work.