Nobody (1967) starring Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone, Jill Townsend, Warren Oates directed by Boris Sagal Movie Review

Nobody (1967)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Warren Oates in Nobody (1967)

Smoking Dynamite

Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) finds things heating up in Cimarron, quite literally as Dulcey is short tempered due to it being an unusually hot day. But on top of that Jim has Mobeetie (Warren Oates) to deal with who having got drunk to celebrate getting a job rides through the window of the Wayfarer's Inn, gets arrested and loses his job eventually leading to him to blame Crown for everything. On top of this there is a bunch of outlaws in town kicking things up after the Marshal has a run in with them. But the biggest issue is on the edge of town is a train carriage packed with unstable dynamite which unless Jim gets shifted could end up blowing Cimarron to smithereens.

Episode 12 of "Cimarron Strip", the half way mark although considering the episodes were not produced in the order they were shown makes that misleading with "Nobody" actually being the 15th episode produced. Anyway "Nobody" is quite a nice, busy episode with lots of little things going on combining to make it surprisingly engaging as Cimarron quite literally becomes a hotbed with the temperature rising, unstable dynamite in a train carriage and of course some cowboy trouble.

What this does is actually make you wonder what the main storyline will be, will be it the dynamite or will it be the cowboy issue. Well to give it a way we see how Mobeetie feeling angered over losing his job and almost causing a catastrophe with the dynamite ends up being tricked by the outlaws to go after and try to kill Crown. It isn't exactly a great storyline but "Nobody" has enough going on and with the supporting cast getting more to do to make it entertaining and more than a one man show which was some times the case.

What this all boils down to is that "Nobody" is a solid episode of "Cimarron Strip" and features an enjoyable storyline with a nice mixture of things going on. But there is nothing which makes this a stand out episode, not even a freight car full of dynamite.