No Ordinary Baby (2001) starring Bridget Fonda, Mary Beth Hurt, Valerie Mahaffey, Philip Bosco, Adam LeFevre, Arnold Pinnock directed by Peter Werner Movie Review

No Ordinary Baby (2001)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Mary Beth Hurt in No Ordinary Baby (2001) (aka: After Amy)

Serial Twins

After their child died in a car accident the Hytner's were approached by scientists Dr. Amanda Gordon (Mary Beth Hurt - The Family Man) and Dr. Ed Walden (Philip Bosco - My Best Friend's Wedding) who were willing to use the DNA from their dead daughter's cornea to help them conceive an identical child. The whole thing was being kept on the hush hush till a disgruntled nurse leaked files to local TV reporter Linda Sinclair (Bridget Fonda - Lake Placid) who breaks the story and in doing so causes a media frenzy over the cloning of a baby which sees Gordon and Walden terminated from the research project. But Sinclair's actions also sees the pregnancy put at risk thanks to the constant barrage of media interest and public opinion.

So in "No Ordinary Baby" which is also known as "After Amy" we have a made for TV movie from the early 21st century about the opinion dividing subject of cloning and not just any cloning but human cloning. Now this may upset some people but "No Ordinary Baby" tries to be level headed in telling a story which attempts to show different sides to the cloning issue before various laws were passed. For those who feel that any form of cloning is simply wrong no matter what this is a movie that is likely to annoy you as is the typical TV movie styling which whilst making it easy to watch strips the movie of any atmosphere.

Bridget Fonda in No Ordinary Baby (2001) (aka: After Amy)

So what am I on about when I say "No Ordinary Baby" tries to be level headed. Well without telling you everything we are presented with various arguments from those in favour pointing out how many years earlier there was public furore over test tube babies yet now it is commonly accepted. But we also get counter arguments including one as to how cloning could lead to advanced risk of disease including cancer in cloned humans. Whilst it only pays lip service to all the issues, mentioning them but never going into much depth, it at least attempts to show the different sides of the cloning argument.

Now whilst covering the cloning issues, and there are many more elements it covers, it gives us a storyline about an intrusive reporter who without considering the impact of her actions on those involved breaks the story as it would be good for her career. This story tries to bring elements of drama including early labour complications as well as things not being as they seem in some cases. These elements certainly help "No Ordinary Baby" flow as a piece of entertainment but often jars with the inclusion of some scenes played for light hearted relief.

What this all boils down to is that "No Ordinary Baby" is an interesting movie which tries to deliver a level headed look at the arguments surrounding cloning whilst at the same time providing an entertaining storyline. Despite the subject matter it isn't very deep but for those who prefer easy to watch movies will find the level headed approach enlightening rather than heavy going.