No Greater Love (2009) Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, Jay Underwood, Seth Axen Movie Review

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Anthony Tyler Quinn in No Greater Love (2009)

Family, Forgiveness & Faith

Jeff (Anthony Tyler Quinn) and Heather (Danielle Bisutti) fell in love when they were children and everything was perfect having got married and started a family together when their son Ethan (Aaron Sanders) was born. But then Heather left, unable to cope with being a mum and wife as well as some personal demons leaving Jeff to be a single father which he does for over a decade which is when he starts getting serious with Katie (Alexis Boozer Sterling) and plans to ask her to marry him. But things get tossed in to the air when Jeff and Katie attend a parent's event run by a church group which Ethan has been going to as it turns out that Heather is one of the adults who has been running it. It forces Jeff and Heather to confront the situation with the help of God in Heather's life.

Yes so "No Greater Love" is a movie which comes under the umbrella term of "Christian Cinema" and with a storyline which sees a runaway wife reunited with her estranged husband it touches on subjects of forgiveness and asking for God's guidance as well as whether a marriage between a Christian and non Christian can work. And as such I am hopeful that those seeking Christian movies aimed at an adult market will find this side of the movie spiritually uplifting and informative. In truth I have watched a few movies which I call "Christian Cinema" and whilst this one does things which are typical and annoy me, such as the use of an ethereal soundtrack to try and create this calming tone, the spiritual side of the movie is less forced than in many.

Danielle Bisutti in No Greater Love (2009)

But whilst I can appreciate that some movies which come under the banner of "Christian Cinema" are made purely for an already Christian audience I always like to think the best of these movies are able to work for a secular audience as well and even become evangelical. Unfortunately "No Greater Love" doesn't achieve this as there are gaps in the storyline which requires the audience to buy in to certain aspects of the story and not question the details too greatly. Not just that as some of the dialogue comes across as creepily wrong such as one of Heather's friends saying she could influence Jeff and Ethan, that influence work is just wrong.

If you can look past the flaws and I won't lie it isn't always easy "No Greater Love" does deliver this interesting triangle situation with Jeff, Heather, their son Ethan as well Jeff's girlfriend Katie making things nicely complicated but not so complicated that it is too far fetched or taxing on the brain.

What this all boils down to is that "No Greater Love" is an interesting movie with an interesting storyline which nicely takes us on a journey. But at its heart it is "Christian Cinema" which in my opinion is made for an already Christian audience rather than a secular one and there is nothing wrong with that except it makes it a bit of a struggle at times for those who watch as non Christians.