Nightmare Nurse (2016) Sarah Butler, Steven Good, Lindsay Hartley, Traci Lords, Jessica Morris Movie Review

Nightmare Nurse (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Lindsay Hartley in Nightmare Nurse (2016)

Naughty Nurse

Brooke (Sarah Butler - Woman on the Run) and Lance (Steven Good) are very much in love and very much enjoy their work with Brooke having just been promoted at the restaurant whilst after a sabbatical Lance is going back to his job as a web designer. But a tragic car accident, where they crashed their car after running over a man, leaves Lance bed-ridden and in need of homecare, which is how they meet Chloe (Lindsay Hartley - Perfect on Paper), a nurse who is recommended to them. But it seems some thing isn't right with Chloe and soon some thing isn't right in their home as some one seems to be trying to destroy them.

Whilst some might like to group "Nightmare Nurse" with other Lifetime movies with "Nightmare" in the title I would rather toss this in to the pot of "so obvious it can't be that obvious" Lifetime movies. As such we get a very obvious start which not only sees Brooke and Lance having a couple of drinks but not paying attention to the road when driving so we have an inevitable car accident. Actually before that we get to meet Brooke's boss, a gruff chef who almost seems to have been modelled on Gordon Ramsey.

Anyway after this obvious start we get the storyline which sees things going a bit screwy in Brooke and Lance's home after the accident and they hire Chloe to care for Lance. Now of course we are all meant to be thinking Chloe is unsettled and has an ulterior motive whilst Brooke becomes increasingly paranoid as to having an attractive nurse left alone with her boyfriend. But of course it can't be that obvious even though we become aware of Chloe's home life and anyone who pays attention to casting will think that the obviousness is purely a red herring. In fact anyone who pays attention to the acting of those in seemingly minor roles will become aware of what is more obvious than the obvious being forced upon us in the main story.

Being obvious is not the only issue with "Nightmare Nurse" and I don't know about you but when I clean my teeth I do so in the bathroom over the sink not sitting in the living room and holding a conversation with someone else. There are several of these little things and some stretches in reality which make "Nightmare Nurse" one of those movies which rather than thrilling you more often than not amuses you for being so obvious in a cheesy way.

What this all boils down to is that "Nightmare Nurse" isn't a good movie even when you are accepting of bad TV movies as such my advice is if you choose to watch this do so accepting bad and embrace the cheesy obviousness of it all.