Naughty or Nice (2004) starring George Lopez, Lisa Vidal, James Kirk, Bianca Collins, Roger Lodge, K.C. Collins, Dan McLean directed by Eric Laneuville Movie Review

Naughty or Nice (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

George Lopez in Naughty or Nice (2004) (aka: Kris Kringle)

Being Good for Goodness Sake

Henry Ramiro (George Lopez - The Spy Next Door) makes a living by being mean, the listeners of his radio sports show tune in to hear to him mock and humiliate callers as well as having digs at his wife and family. But Henry is forced to face his actions when he receives a call from a young boy called Michael (James Kirk - Final Destination 2) who he humiliates only to discover that Michael is a very sick kid with a heart condition. To try and limit the damage he has done he pays Michael a visit and reluctantly agrees to spend 24 hours being nice rather than mean. But being nice has lots of consequences from being humiliated by his rival The Hit Man to his loving public not liking his change of attitude but it also has some positive affects from teams winning to his relationship with his wife improving and even Michael's situation seems to get turned around.

Do you remember how in 1997 Jim Carrey had to spend an entire day telling the truth in "Liar Liar", well "Naughty or Nice" is a play on this. As such in "Naughty or Nice", which here in the UK is known as "Kris Kringle", we get shock jock Henry being nice for a day which is a struggle but he discovers it has some positives in the turn around of events in his life. But it doesn't stop there because it is more elaborate with elements of suspicion when it comes to Michael and a further twist to stop it from just being straight forwards as well as the joy of Henry being a nice guy.

Now there is no denying that "Naughty or Nice" is fun, George Lopez is good as shock jock Henry whilst Lisa Vidal is equally as good as his put upon wife Diana. But at the same time I would be lying if I said that it was either memorable or great. In a way it is entertaining partly because of a cast and characters who are different to many you normally see in Christmas movies, it makes a pleasant change rather than watching stereotypically young and attractive actors.

What this all boils down to is that "Naughty or Nice" is a nice little Christmas movie with a moral message about being nice but it isn't great, just different to what you normally get thanks to a different cast to the norm.

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