Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery (2006) Kellie Martin, Clarence Williams III, Nina Siemaszko, Casey Sander, Bruce Boxleitner Movie Review

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Kellie Martin in Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery (2006)

A Western in Walden

With the town of Walden having been a cattle town it is only natural that former Red River TV series star Clint Lawson's (Bruce Boxleitner) Wild West show comes to town to put on a show with Samantha (Kellie Martin) in charge of the event. But when Clint is injured after someone sabotages his saddle it then leads to his stand-in Dogie (Joe Stevens) ending up fatally shot during a stunt as he stood in for Clint. With Chief Connors (Casey Sander) suspecting Clint having been behind the killing Samantha along with the help of Philby (Clarence Williams III) and Cassie (Nina Siemaszko) start poking around as it seems almost everyone involved with the show had motive to kill Clint as Samantha believes he was the target.

If you think about all the crimes, murders and mysteries which have gone down in the fictional town of Walden you would expect the police force to be a lot bigger than it appears in the "Mystery Woman" series of movies whilst I would expect there to be a lot of vacant property as people move away from all the trouble. But of course that is me thinking logically for a split second and when it comes to one of these Hallmark murder mystery movies you don't need to think about the movie especially the logic of things, doings so is a negative.

Bruce Boxleitner in Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery (2006)

So with "Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery" what we get is the formula which has been the driving force of all these "Mystery Woman" movies as we have Samantha and her friends; Philby and Cassie digging around as they think things are more complex than Chief Connors thinks it is when their is another murder. But the formula works especially when you not only have some famous faces making cameos in this such as Bruce Boxleitner and Barbara Niven but a script which draws on some western heritage with not only a character called Clint but another called Strother.

But of course "Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery" is not a heavy crime movie and the focus is as always on being easy to follow. But I have to say that this feels more like a photo shoot for Kellie Martin who it has to be said looks hotter than she has in the other movies. What I mean is she wears a series of outfits, has her hair bouncing around when riding a horse and I reckon who ever did her make-up had just done a course in eye make up. I am not complaining as Martin backs this up with her typical solid performance but it feels a little too manufactured and almost too "Charlie's Angels" at times when it comes to her hair.

What this all boils down to is that "Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery" is an entertaining but formula driven "Mystery Woman" movie which will appeal to fans of these types of easy to watch mystery movies. Truth be told the most memorable thing about "Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery" is Kellie Martin's hair & make-up.

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