My Summer Prince (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jack Turner and Taylor Cole in My Summer Prince (2016)

The Prince and the PR Girl

PR assistant Mandy Cooper (Taylor Cole) aspires to become a PR executive but finds her boss Deidre Kelly (Lauren Holly) less than forthcoming when Mandy asks to take on more responsibility. But that all changes when they acquire a new client, Colin (Jack Turner), a bad boy Prince from Britain who ends up arrested in Greenbriar, Idaho for taking a dip in the town's fountain. When Deidre comes down with chicken pox Mandy takes it upon herself to pretend to be her boss and deal with the Prince's PR crisis but not only finds herself with some public relations issues of her own but ends up falling for the Prince, but of course not as herself.

Do you know what one of the strange joys of watching Hallmark movies are? It is actually reading the varying opinions which for a single Hallmark movie can range from calling it terrific to drivel. Having watched many a Hallmark movie I have to say that "My Summer Prince" is typical with all the usual ingredients from of course romance to mistaken identity. It also has a bit of a fairytale element going on which makes it slightly detached from the real world as we have impressive locations, fancy fashion and of course characters who often border more on being caricatures.

But despite "My Summer Prince" being nothing more than typically Hallmark it is nicely put together with just enough character depth when it comes to Mandy and Colin that you can warm to them beyond the fact that Taylor Cole is attractive and Jack Turner has shall we say a good physique without it being unobtainable buff. Plus "My Summer Prince" scores with me as it features REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You" and I am a sucker for some REO Speedwagon.

What this all boils down to is that "My Summer Prince" is an extremely typical Hallmark movie which with its working girl falling for a Prince storyline may appeal more to those who enjoy that sort of fairytale element. But being typical it doesn't stand out from the crowd and is only the sort of Hallmark movie you need to watch once.