My Mother's Future Husband (2014) Matreya Fedor, Lea Thompson, Sebastian Spence, Lochlyn Munro, Frank Cassini, Burkely Duffield, Gig Morton Movie Review

My Mother's Future Husband (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sebastian Spence and Lea Thompson in My Mother's Future Husband (2014)

Another Perfect Man

Ever since her father died in a tragic accident, Headly Henderson (Matreya Fedor - In Her Mother's Footsteps) and her mother, René (Lea Thompson - Left Behind), have become almost inseparable, she even jokes with her friends that she goes on dates with her mum. But with the handsome Bodie Miller (Burkely Duffield - A Mother's Nightmare) back in town and taking an interest in Headly she makes it her mission to find her mother a new man, enlisting the help of a techy friend to create a fake dating website after she failed to sign her mum up to real one. And much to Headly's surprise her mother seems to find a match in Andrew (Sebastian Spence - Stolen from the Womb), a widowed singled parent, except both René and Andrew feel conflicted with finding new love when they still love their late partners. Meanwhile Headly, being taken with the attention of the handsome Bodie, might not realise her real true love may right be in front of her, behind some geeky glasses and a bad haircut.

Some made for TV movies are made with grown ups in mind, those who yearn for the innocence of romance when one adult finds another, maybe in a quaint old town where they once lived. But other made for TV movies whilst thinking they are made for those who who enjoy the innocence of grown up romance are in truth made for teens who find themselves channel hopping whilst they are off school looking for something to veg out to. "My Mother's Future Husband" is clearly in that second group as whilst part of the movie ends up being about the widowed Headly meeting the widowed Andrew, that is after a series of strange meetings with men who Headly had set up, most of the movie focuses on Headly.

As such we have the bubbly Matreya Fedor giving us the typical popular girl around school routine who is a little over the top and of course not too realistic in her schemes. But her side of the story is that equally typical teen girl smitten by the school hunk only to be oblivious that not only are they a bad match but also that her friend has a secret crush on her and is suffering in silence.... do I really need to go on explaining this side of the movie. But it is why "My Mother's Future Husband" is more aimed at a teen audience rather than grown ups who enjoy the innocence of a TV movie.

What this all boils down to is that "My Mother's Future Husband" is in truth nothing new and just a few cliches mixed together with some familiar actors to make it appealing. It isn't bad but it is very much a movie made for a younger audience.