My Family's Secret (2010) starring Nicholle Tom, Philip Riccio, Dylan Neal, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Peter MacNeill directed by Curtis Crawford Movie Review

My Family's Secret (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nicholle Tom in My Family's Secret (2010)

Identity Crisis

Racked with guilt over the death of his sister many years earlier, despite being unsure of whether or not he had anything to do with it, Jason Darcie (Dylan Neal - Matters of Life & Dating) attempts to commit suicide. Fortunately his wife Lara (Nicholle Tom - The Book of Ruth) arrives home in time to find him before it is too late. She also discovers the note he left about his sister's death and decides to try and uncover the truth to give him peace of mind. It leads Lara back to her husband's hometown where his father lives in a home whilst she also meets his brother Grady (Philip Riccio). But Lara is unaware that Grady suffers from a multiple personality disorder and as she starts digging around in the past it brings out one of Grady's nastier personalities.

Do you like TV Movies; do you like their simplicity, their obviousness, their usually attractive cast and their over dramatics? If you answered yes then "My Family's Secret" will entertain as the story is obvious, it is simple to follow and in Nicholle Tom it has an attractive star. But for those who see that group of things and groan I suggest keeping well away from "My Family's Secret".

Philip Riccio in My Family's Secret (2010)

So "My Family's Secret" starts in dramatic style with the distressed Jason trying to commit suicide by knocking back booze and pills but it is a forced opening as it sledge hammers the fact that something in his and his brother Grady's past is the cause of his suicidal thoughts. Of course Lara is going to investigate and so we enter his hometown and meet Grady as the nervous worker in a cafe who is shy and insecure. But then we not only see him talking to himself in his car but then we see that he has another more confident personality when he enters a book store and not only chats up a woman but confronts another guy and beats him up. Yes we become aware that Grady is a guy of very contrasting personalities something which of course Lara is unaware of.

Now this immediately makes "My Family's Secret" quite obvious as we guess that Grady's multiple personalities are the cause of his sister's death and Jason's sense of guilt. Are things as we expect well there are some twists to the story but of course it is obvious that Lara's snooping brings out the nasty side in Grady and ultimately puts her in danger.

The thing about "My Family's Secret" is that it wouldn't win any awards for subtlety from Nicholle Tom's characterisation of the concerned wife looking for answers to Philip Riccio's delivery of split personalities. In fact the whole way in which Grady switches personalities using things such as a pair of glasses to differentiate between his personalities is far too forced making it cheesy that the minute he takes them off he seems to switch personalities. But the likeability of the cast especially Nicholle Tom makes it easy to watch even when it is failing to feel natural.

What this all boils down to is that "My Family's Secret" is typical of modern TV movies which means it isn't exactly subtle but if that is your sort of thing then it should appeal especially with the likeable Nicholle Tom in the lead role.