My Evil Stepdad (2019) (aka: The Husband) Chris Johnson, Jatone Smith, Jennifer Lafleur, Addy Stafford, Belmont Cameli, Stacia Crawford, Coburn Goss Movie Review

My Evil Stepdad (2019)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Addy Stafford in My Evil Stepdad (2019) (aka: The Husband)

Another Dubious Stepdad

Following her father's death Ashley (Addy Stafford) becomes concerned for her mother, Tracy (Jennifer Lafleur), as not only is she struggling but with college in New York not far off she will be alone. It is why after meeting the handsome and charming Jared (Chris Johnson) in a coffee shop she sets her mum up with him. And it seems perfect as they seem to hit it off so much that they quickly get married. But after they marry Ashley becomes concerned as Jared's kindness towards her changes and she starts to feel pushed out. It is then that Jared's true motives are discovered and Ashley becomes concerned for her mum's life.

If you were to compare "My Evil Stepdad", which is also known as "The Husband", to a meal I would say it is the equivalent of a McDonalds. On one hand it is okay whilst watching but has no lasting effect and on the other it is as consistent as a McDonald's meal. Basically what I am saying is that "My Evil Stepdad" is a Lifetime movie made to a formula and as such we have a widow taken in by a scheming man and a daughter who comes to realise he is not the nice guy he first appeared to be and is manipulative with an ulterior motive. I wish I could tell you that there was something more to it than that but it is the sort of movie which by the 20 minute mark you have got the movie sussed and watched scenes and encountered ideas you will have come across in other Lifetime movies.

About the only thing I can say about "My Evil Stepdad" is that it has a decent look and style which at least makes it flow and becomes easy to watch. In fact some of the colouring during the scenes is a lot better than you usually get in a Lifetime movie with, dare I say, a touch of beauty to it. But beyond the look and the flow there is nothing to this movie to make it memorable with the characters being cliche and the acting being forgettable due to the characters being cliche.

What this all boils down to is that "My Evil Stepdad" is simply a routine Lifetime movie which works through the formula with a nice style but ends up forgettable like most similar movies.