My Daughter's Secret (2007) Movie Review

My Daughter's Secret (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nina Dobrev in My Daughter's Secret (2007)

Justine Case of Trouble

17 year old Justine (Nina Dobrev) has a secret; she has been seeing an older boy, Brent (Steve Byers). But Justine finds herself with a secret she doesn't want when she finds herself sitting in the car of her boyfriend and his friend when they rob the jewellery store where her mum, Denise (Jennifer Grant), works, shooting the shop owner, Albert (Norman Mikeal Berketa), in the process. With the police suspecting that someone with the knowledge of the shop may have helped the robbers Justine's guilt driven behaviour causes her mum to become concerned that her daughter has a dark secret especially as the police have a witness who saw a girl with long hair in a car outside the shop when the robbery took place.

"My Daughter's Secret" is one of those movies where the storyline isn't bad but the final product is a bit uninteresting. It is a shame as the whole story of Justine feeling guilt over the robbery and finding herself being blackmailed by her boyfriend's friend as she unwittingly gave them the information on the shop has potential. Okay I say potential but I am fully aware that this is a TV movie which pretty much guarantee that Justine and her mother will end up in danger by the time the movie ends but there is something about the basic ideas which could have been a thrilling ride.

But sadly the writers of this have not given the storyline, and more importantly the characters, the depth needed to make this an exciting, attention grabbing thriller. Instead this feels like a factory line production where all those involved were doing the minimum to get the job done be it the actors delivering generic performances and reciting generic dialogue to the camera man giving us point and shoot film work rather than some thing with great style.

What this all boils down to is that "My Daughter's Secret" ends up an uninspiring 94 minutes as whilst there are some nice ideas to the story the end product is generic at best and uninteresting most of the time.