My Daughter's Disgrace (2016) (aka: Revenge Porn) Elisabeth Rhm, Tiera Skovbye, David Lewis, Jodelle Ferland, Lochlyn Munro, Levi Meaden Movie Review

My Daughter's Disgrace (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Elisabeth Rhm and Tiera Skovbye in My Daughter's Disgrace (2016) (aka: Revenge Porn)

Online Revenge

Peyton Harris (Tiera Skovbye - One Small Indiscretion) is pretty much a normal teenager in her parent's eyes, never giving them much cause for concern. That is until she decided to take some topless photos of herself as she would like to have bigger breasts and was seeing what hers looked like. Despite deleting them some how the photos end up on the internet on a revenge porn site with not just her friends at school seeing them but her parents and all her father's work colleagues. Desperate to protect her daughter, Peyton's mother, Elaine (Elisabeth Röhm - Seduced), goes to the police who are not helpful giving her no other choice to find out for herself who is behind the revenge website and to take them down herself. But in doing so she stirs up even more trouble for the family.

Two for the price of one, this is how "My Daughter's Disgrace", also known as "Revenge Porn", comes across. As such the first half of the movie focuses on the immediate after effects of Peyton taking topless photos of herself with them ending up on the internet for the whole world to see. And quite typically it ticks all the boxes from a teenager's naivety to a friend's jealousy and the consequences of everyone seeing the topless photos, from a mother and father who argue over what is best for their daughter to Peyton almost having a nervous breakdown whilst her future could now be in tatters.

That first half is pretty typical but remember I did say that "My Daughter's Disgrace" is a two for the price of one movie and as such when Peyton's mum decides to bring down the scumbag who is behind the revenge porn website we then enter the equally familiar scenario of what happens when you mess with a bad guy with mad computer skills. Yes we have danger, vendettas, identity theft and so on. Some extreme stuff and as such "My Daughter's Disgrace" is another one of those movies where not only does realism go out of the window but pretty much everyone in this has some sort of visual appeal.

Now, reminding myself that "My Daughter's Disgrace" is aiming to be entertaining first, I have to say it kind of succeeds in doing so. But at the same time I can't but help think that this movie misses an opportunity to also be an informative warning for both teens and their parents when it comes to the internet and how easy it is for something, naively done in innocence, to be turned into some thing lurid which can affect your future.

What this all boils down to is that as I said "My Daughter's Disgrace" is entertaining but only in a regular made for TV movie sort of way. As such it not only misses an opportunity to be informative but also ends up pretty forgettable despite going extreme when it comes to the bad guy's online abilities.