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Victoria Pratt in My Daughter Is Innocent (2017)

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Amber (Sarah Fisher) and Kelly (Hannah Vandenbygaart) have been best friends all their lives, just like their mums Lisa (Victoria Pratt) and Heather (Christina Cox), and like teenage girls both have a boyfriend on the go. What Amber doesn't realise is that the guy called Alex (Tyler Hynes) she is dating turns out to be Zander who Kelly is dating and who she continues to date despite Amber being upset. But when Alex ends up in hospital and in a coma after a suspicious fall down a flight of stairs Detective Grayson (John Koensgen) suspects Amber of being guilty and arrests her. With Lisa's lawyer friend Ben (Peter Michael Dillon) helping her she decides to turn amateur detective in order to prove her daughter is innocent even if she ends up in danger doing so.

"My Daughter Is Innocent" is one of those made for TV thrillers which had me wondering whether it could really be that obvious. I will explain but I won't tell you whether I was right or wrong. During the build up we learn that we have a lot of best friends going on but whilst Heather is a bit of a stiff mum Lisa is laid back and acts more like a friend to her daughter than a mum, even wearing her clothes. As such when Amber and Kelly fall out and fight we get are first obvious scene as Heather reckons Amber has been leading her daughter astray. So much for being best friends but there is more as the minute that the boyfriend ends up injured Heather starts to act a bit cagey and so of course your mind begins to wonder whether she was responsible. As I said, this makes "My Daughter Is Innocent" one of those movies which make you wonder whether it is that obvious or whether there will be some sort of shock twist before the movie ends.

But beyond the question of whether or not "My Daughter Is Innocent" is as obvious as it seems what you have is pretty much the usual formula for most made for TV thrillers. As such this starts with a scene of danger involving Lisa before we jump back to the start of the story. Then when things kick off Lisa turns amateur detective which not only annoys the cops but puts her in danger. As someone who to be honest watches a lot of these made for TV movies I reckon I could have set my clock by when things happen in this movie it is that routine. The knock on effect of this is that "My Daughter Is Innocent" starts to become about the appeal of its stars, in particular Victoria Pratt and Christina Cox, yet never about their characters which are generic and forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "My Daughter Is Innocent" is entertaining it is only a routine made for TV thriller which follows a typical formula.