My Dad Is Scrooge (2014) Movie Review

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Christian Laurian Kerr in My Dad Is Scrooge (2014)

An Animal Christmas Carol

Christmas is coming and not only Oliver (Christian Laurian Kerr) is part of a production of "A Christmas Carol" but he is in fact living it thanks to his dad, EB (Brian Cook), who does not do Christmas and thinks it is a day when people over spend only to spend the next year digging themselves out of debt only to do it again. In fact Oliver sees how much of a Scrooge his father is when he hands Woodsley's Farm a foreclosure notice just before Christmas. With the help of his sister and the animals of Woodsley Farm, who can talk, r=they come up with a plan to show EB the error of his ways by staging their own version of "A Christmas Carol".

Let me get straight to the point and tell you that "My Dad Is Scrooge" is a Christmas movie for children and at a real stretch for families, as this Christmas movie has that low level of comedy, as in the sort of innocent humour which can sound dumb to adults. Now with that out of the way I have to say that "My Dad Is Scrooge" does have this fun story of Oliver, his little sister and some talking animals from Woodsley Farm staging A Christmas Carol by pretending to be ghosts in order to persuade EB to embrace Christmas and not foreclose on the farm. There is something surprisingly sweet about the movie and even as an adult I was able to look beyond some of the groan worthy jokes and enjoy the storyline which in places is remarkably well though out.

What this all boils down to is that "My Dad Is Scrooge" is actually a good Christmas movie for children which should put a smile on their face with the talking animals and a fun play on "A Christmas Carol". But it is the sort of movie which has humour which is just as likely to make grown ups groan rather than laugh.

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