My Christmas Prince (2017) Alexis Knapp, Callum Alexander, Pamela Sue Martin, Parker Stevenson, Marina Sirtis, Jane Carr, Charles Shaughnessy Movie Review

My Christmas Prince (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Alexis Knapp in My Christmas Prince (2017)

A Painful Prince for Christmas

Things are going well for Samantha (Alexis Knapp - Pitch Perfect 2) as not only has she been offered a major promotion but she is also dating Alex (Callum Alexander), who because he is a foreign diplomat is escorted everywhere by a bodyguard. And Samantha is heading home to Maple Falls for Christmas and much to her surprise Alex shows up to surprise her. But that isn't the only surprise he has for Samantha as it turns out that he isn't a diplomat but is in fact a foreign Prince. Things get complicated by the fact that Samantha's parents would prefer to see her with her former boyfriend, Patrick (Brad Benedict), who is now a local cop, whilst Alex's parents don't want him to marry a commoner.

You know the story, regular girl falls for a handsome guy only to discover he is a foreign prince and that not only leads to his parents trying to intervene but also the young woman's jealous ex. And sadly from a storyline point of view "My Christmas Prince" only manages to work its way through the various cliches only adding to it layers of Christmas cliches such as a ginger bread house competition. As such "My Christmas Prince" is most likely going to entertain an audience who have not watched any of the many, many similar movies, some of which are also Christmas based, which have come before it.

Callum Alexander in My Christmas Prince (2017)

But being stereotypical is not the most grating issues I have with "My Christmas Prince" and sadly Callum Alexander's delivery of posh, polite and well spoken is worse than listening to nails being scraped down the blackboard. It is painfully false and that leads to there being no chemistry what so ever between the characters or the actors, which in turn makes "My Christmas Prince" a drag, a painful drag.

What this all boils down to is that "My Christmas Prince" is a flawed take on the familiar "commoner" falling for a foreign prince storyline and generally is an under-whelming Christmas movie.

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