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My Christmas Love (2016)

On the 12th Day of Christmas

Cynthia (Meredith Hagner - A Gift Wrapped Christmas) is a true romantic; unfortunately she hasn't met a true romantic boyfriend yet with every one of them ending up calling time on their relationships. So without a boyfriend to take home to be her date to her sister's Christmas wedding she takes her best friend and work colleague Liam (Bobby Campo - Snow Bride) home instead. Back home Cynthia first runs in to a couple of former boyfriends and then finds herself being gifted a partridge in a pear tree. Soon the rest of the gifts in the "12 Days of Christmas" start to arrive leaving Cynthia trying to work out which of her former boyfriends is trying to win her back with this grand romantic gesture.

About 30 minutes into "My Christmas Love" after Cynthia had received the first three gifts from "The 12 Days of Christmas" and my mind drifted further on in the song as whilst the first three gifts feature French Hens, Turtle Doves and a Partridge there are Lords a Leaping and Maids a Milking which are certainly going to take some doing. Of course that puts a smile on your face and to be honest as does the premise of "My Christmas Love" with Cynthia who loves romance having watched her parents send each other notes and gifts all the time finding herself on the receiving end of these 12 gifts of Christmas but from an anonymous sender.

The trouble with "My Christmas Love" is that of course it will be fans of Hallmark Christmas movies who will seek this out to watch and of course the answer to the mystery is right in front of you. In truth the movie doesn't go out of its way to hide what is going on even though it tries to throw you off of the scent, so to speak. Is it a problem that "My Christmas Love" is so obvious? Not really because it delivers plenty of typical Hallmark Christmas appeal with nice guys and some witty lines especially from Gregory Harrison who certainly plays an entertaining and handsome father whilst also delivering some of the movie's more tender scenes.

What this all boils down to is that "My Christmas Love" is certainly fun and has an imaginative idea but beyond the idea it is a typical Hallmark Christmas movie with the same appeal which fans of these movies watch them for.

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