Mutiny on the Buses (1972) Movie Review

Mutiny on the Buses (1972)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Reg Varney and Janet Mahoney in Mutiny on the Buses (1972)

Mayhem on the Buses

Stan (Reg Varney - The Best Pair of Legs in the Business) has found himself in love and engaged to Susy (Janet Mahoney), and whilst he would be happy for Susy to move in with him, his mum, his sister and his brother-in-law, Susy is having none of it and expects Stan to buy them their own little love nest. The trouble is that his brother-in-law, Arthur (Michael Robbins), has just been made redundant and can't support the family so Stan decides to get Arthur a job as a bus driver which is easier said then done. But Stan's troubles don't end there as he talks Blakey (Stephen Lewis) in to letting him drive the special tour bus which means a trip through Windsor Safari Park.

How to describe "Mutiny on the Buses"; well firstly there are naturally the continuing exploits of best mates Stan and Jack as they are always trying to get one over on Blakey, be it hot wiring the CB radio system so that he ends up in contact with everyone other than the bus drivers to wearing just jackets and trousers when Blakey orders them only to wear just their uniforms. On top of that we have Stan's troubles at home with his lazy brother-in-law in need of work whilst arguing with Stan's sister Olive all the time.

Now I could go on because whilst at the heart of all this is Stan's romantic issues as his girlfriend Susy pressures him to get his own place most of what goes on in "Mutiny on the Buses" is set piece humour. As such there is a 70s style driving stunt involving a motorbike and sidecar being towed by a bus and various gags involving Arthur and Olive's son on the potty. Plus there is a spectacular foam seen at the bus depot. The thing is that whilst it is enjoyable and a lot less sexist than the first movie "Mutiny on the Buses" still struggles to feel more than some set pieces.

What this all boils down to is that "Mutiny on the Buses" is still a fun movie with some entertaining old fashioned humour which turned down the dial of the sexism of the first movie. But this second of three movies struggles to feel like it more than some set piece gags even if they are all enjoyable.

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