Murder in the Hamptons (2005) (aka: Million Dollar Murder) Poppy Montgomery, David Sutcliffe, Peter Outerbridge, Donna Goodhand, Helene Joy, Aislinn Paul, Munro Chambers, Shawn Christian Movie Review

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Poppy Montgomery in Murder in the Hamptons (2005) (aka: Million Dollar Murder)

Horror in the Hamptons

When wealthy financier Ted Ammon (David Sutcliffe - Deadly Inferno) doesn't show up for a house viewing, realtor and struggling artist Generosa (Poppy Montgomery - Raising Waylon) goes to his office to give him a piece of her mind. That turns into a date and then another and eventually marriage where whilst unable to have children they adopt twins and Ted sets up his own business. But problems in their marriage start to creep in because of Generosa's frequent outbursts of anger and a lack of trust as she believes Ted is being unfaithful. Having left him and taken the children with her, Generosa poisons the children's minds against their father whilst starting a new relationship with contractor Danny Pelosi (Shawn Christian - Undercover Christmas). But then just before they are about to finalize their divorce Ted is brutally murdered meaning that Generosa is still entitled to 50% of Ted's wealth.

As a Brit it is not unusual to find myself watching a movie based on a true story which I know nothing about. That was the case with "Murder in the Hamptons", or "Million Dollar Murder" as it is also known, as whilst the murder of Ted Ammon was big news in America it didn't make the headlines here in the UK. What that means is that rather than judging this movie based on knowing the true story or at least the media's portrayal of what happened I am judging "Murder in the Hamptons" purely as a drama. As such it is ordinary and only a typical made for TV movie which whilst not terrible only needs to be watched the once.

Shawn Christian in Murder in the Hamptons (2005) (aka: Million Dollar Murder)

So what we have in "Murder in the Hamptons" is a dramatization of the true story taking us through how Generosa and Ted met, married, separated, Generosa's relationship with Danny, Ted's murder and of course the court case. From that point of view it is quite typical of this genre and whilst not compelling or stylish is still solid enough to just about keep you interested in the various developments especially if you are unaware of the true story and don't know how the thing played out. Although saying that this is one of those made for TV movies where the opening scenes certainly give you an insight in to what happens in the rest of the movie.

But for me "Murder in the Hamptons" has some problems none more so than the unbelievable and frankly annoying interviews which are supposed to lead us through the movie in a semi documentary fashion. They feel too manufactured, are often over the top and to be frank spoil what little flow there is to the story. Then there are the characters and sadly these end up shallow with very little depth which at times makes it a battle to stay interested in them. You also have to question how true to the real people they are because some come across as being too over the top such as Generosa's moments of abuse whilst Shawn Christian as Danny seems too much of a good guy.

What this all boils down to is that "Murder in the Hamptons" ends up a routine made for TV movie based on the true crime story. Despite various issues it is not unwatchable but not the sort of movie you will feel a desire to watch again.