Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009) Cybill Shepherd, Corri English, Pat Crawford Brown, Al Sapienza, Nicole Dalton, Christopher Emerson, Lee Garlington Movie Review

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Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009)

Going Back to College

When Alice Washington (Cybill Shepherd - High Noon) finds herself single, following her husband leaving her for a younger woman, she decides it is time to return to Smith College so that she can complete the degree she started when she was younger. But confusion over accommodation sees herself sharing a room with Zoe Burns (Corri English), a talented musician but also a sarcastic young woman who is young enough to be Alice's daughter. Whilst initially it seems they have little in common it turns out they share some common interests including a romantic interest in Prof. Terry O'Neill (Jeffrey Nordling - Flight 93) who teaches poetry.

I tell you what ended up the most entertaining aspect of "Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" for me; it was seeing how Hallmark movies have changed over the years with this feeling quite different to what Hallmark is now making eight years later. To be honest, as a fan of more recent Hallmark movies I must admit that "Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" didn't do it for me and lacked the fun and cute vibe which those more recent movies thrive on and in fact at times where now a cute scene would appear there is instead a corny scene in this.

The thing is that "Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" has some nice ideas such as Alice and Terry finding them selves having plenty in common whilst Zoe has that almost classic crush on teacher thing going on. But we also have other stories such as Zoe's back story involving her father plus with Alice changing whilst at college her own grown up children fear they are losing their mum. But the whole thing never fully sparks in to life to make us interested in and care about any of the characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" ended up one of those only okay Hallmark movies. And this is one of those movies where the big scenes which should make you laugh never do.