Mr. Celebrity (1941) starring Robert 'Buzz' Henry, James Seay, Doris Day, William Halligan directed by William Beaudine Movie Review

Mr. Celebrity (1941)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Doris Day and Robert 'Buzz' Henry in Mr. Celebrity (1941)

A Family Turf War

After he was orphaned young Danny Mason (Robert 'Buzz' Henry) was left in the custody of his Uncle Jim (James Seay) who frequents racetracks as a horse vet. It is because of this that Danny's grandparents have hired a private investigator to track them down as they don't believe hanging around the track is good for Danny and so they want custody of him. Danny and Jim's travels lead them to a stud where they along with a mixed bunch of people including former boxers, writers and an old silent movie star all have a share in an old horse, an old horse called "Mr. Celebrity" which is going to become very important in the long run.

So first things first and the Doris Day in "Mr. Celebrity" is not the same popular actress of the 1950s, but before you clear off in disappointment you might as well hang around as "Mr. Celebrity" at just over an hour is an okay distraction which has fallen in to the public domain which means it is free to watch online. We also have this semi amusing story about a child and his uncle flitting from one racetrack to another, the wheeler dealing they undertake as the uncle never has much money. But we also get the bond between the two as young Danny is willing to sell his pet dog in order to get some money.

This all builds to a rather fun custody hearing as the various friends who Danny and Jim have made on their travels as well as the various people who own the horse all have a part to play. I would be lying if I said all of this was hilarious but it has plenty of fun elements including the big race which could make Jim enough money to support Danny properly.

What this all boils down to is that "Mr. Celebrity" is the sort of movie which if you came across you would probably keep watching due to its fun storyline and performances but not the sort of movie you would go out of your way to watch.