Moonlight in Vermont (2017)   4/54/54/54/54/5

Lacey Chabert in Moonlight in Vermont (2017)

A Hallmark Holiday Inn

For New York City real estate broker Fiona Rangely (Lacey Chabert) work always seems to come first which leads to her boyfriend Nate (Jesse Moss) calling time on their relationship. Down in the dumps Fiona and best friend Angela (Fiona Vroom) decide to head up to Vermont where her dad (Keith MacKechnie) and step mum (Rebecca Staab) run a beautiful holiday inn. There Fiona finds herself locking horns with Derek (Carlo Marks), the top chef which her dad has hired. But when Nate shows up with his new girlfriend Fiona persuades Derek to pretend to be her boyfriend to make Nate jealous and in return she will use her skills to persuade a nearby farmer to sell a plot of land so he can grow more of the products he uses. But whilst Nate certainly pays attention to Fiona and Derek some thing unexpected happens for Fiona.

There have been many times I have heard people speak about the law of attraction, but as a movie lover and a fan of TV movies there is also some thing called the law of Hallmark attraction. Okay I am joking but anyone who is a fan of Hallmark romantic comedies knows that part of what these movies thrive on is appeal and that is what "Moonlight in Vermont" has an abundance of. That appeal starts with the adorable Lacey Chabert matched up with the handsome Carlo Marks, it is a combination which delivers the cute wholesomeness which draws you in to them as a couple falling in love.

Carlo Marks in Moonlight in Vermont (2017)

Then there is the appeal of her father's holiday inn, the sort of place which has a familiar look which makes you think that maybe they used it in another Hallmark movie, possibly a Christmas movie as it has the perfect exterior look. On the subject of which we do have a Vermont which has a nice layer of snow and that combines with some traditions such as the local town having its annual Maple festival. It makes it the sort of place you would like to escape to.

Now to be honest I could go on and mention that Fiona has some issues from her father having left the city and sold the family apartment to Derek being one of those guys who lives by the ethos of slow down and smell the maple syrup. But I don't think there is much need as "Moonlight in Vermont" doesn't stray from the Hallmark channel formula and that is not a criticism as when they gets it right, when a Hallmark movie delivers that easy to watch vibe, the almost escapism of a small town retreat which is twee and traditional it is a joy for fans like me.

What this all boils down to is that "Moonlight in Vermont" delivers every single thing that fans of Hallmark movies love and that makes it an absolute joy, especially for those who like me like Lacey Chabert.