Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004) Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Jeff Bennett, Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer Movie Review

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004)

Mickey and Friends are Back Again

So as with "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" what you get in "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" is a series of short stories featuring are favour Walt Disney characters from Mickey & Minnie to the dancing Hippos from Fantasia. And of course each of these stories have a lesson to teach so for example in the first of these stories "Belles on Ice" Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck find themselves competing against each other and their competitive side threatens to ruin a life long friendship. And to be honest whilst "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" id really for children there is something simply entertaining about these mini stories for grown ups as well.

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