Merry Matrimony (2015) Jessica Lowndes, Christopher Russell, Farrah Aviva, Jennifer Gibson Movie Review

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Merry Matrimony (2015) Jessica Lowndes & Christopher Russell

Not Merry Enough

Brie (Jessica Lowndes) is a career focused advertising executive who has promotion in her eyes which is why she agrees to step in and do a last minute Christmas Wedding photo shoot for a wedding magazine despite not being a fan of weddings. But it brings her back in to touch with Eddie (Christopher Russell) a top photographer who she hears is dating the editor of the wedding magazine and who she once dated back when they were young. Whilst their relationship ended when Eddie went to France on a photography scholarship it is clear there is something still between them which not only makes things complicated but makes Brie's mum happy as she is desperate for her daughter to settle down.

Let me give you the good news when it comes to "Merry Matrimony" first, and sadly they won't take long. Firstly is the casting of Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell as it is nice to have a Hallmark Christmas movie with some different actors in it. And they both fit the profile of what you expect from actors in a Hallmark Christmas movie as they both have the right look as in they are both attractive. Plus whilst one of the characters is named Brie there isn't a huge amount of cheese, well not as much as there could be with director John Bradshaw showing great restraint not to deliver the whole festive fromage.

But that is sadly it when it comes to positives and when it comes to negatives the first is that whilst Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell look great they do not have great chemistry. Every scene they appear in they just seem to be going through the motions, giving it their best but never really sparking which means when you get a scene where suddenly they say things at the same time ending up feeling forced. Then there is the storyline and sadly there needs to be more than old flames re-united, jealousy and confusion over supposed boyfriends and girlfriends and so on. Oh there is a bit more but there is by no means enough for "Merry Matrimony" to get its hooks into you or, to be frank, nudge you in to the Christmas spirit if you are not already there.

What this all boils down to is that "Merry Matrimony" is a Hallmark Christmas movie which feels like its going through the motions but never really coming to life. Maybe for those who are fans of either Jessica Lowndes or Christopher Russell will find it entertaining but for me it was not quite up to the usual level you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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